From 18-year addict to The Addiction Crusher, Channon Bailey is a husband, father, serial entrepreneur, author, and host of the top-rated podcast The Addiction Crusher. Ever since, he has shown others how to crush their addictions and get more out of life, business, marriage, and family.


Channon preaches against the grain by using unconventional strategies and methods cause he believes you’re not a label and not in “recovery” forever. In his world, an addiction is anything costing you results such as time, energy, focus, money, and relationships.


Channon provides custom-fit 




Taking from his vaulted "Crush Your Addiction in 84 Days or Less" program to his "Pop It: Small Groups" to more, he incorporates topics ranging from:

forgiveness, shame & guilt

addiction(s), negative cycles & patterns

porn addiction

purpose and vision

goal setting

faith, entrepreneurship, marriage

Whether it's for men or women, church or business, 20 minutes or all day, contact us at the bottom of the page to see how we can fit your needs and make this an experience you will never forget!

Rebecca Klein

I really enjoyed the event last weekend! I am so grateful for the opportunity to have participated. You really showed your heart and passion. It was great! Thank you, again! :)

Mike Young

Thank you so much for working with me the other day. I know your program is 84 days long, but you helped me crack my addiction to email and social media in less than a week with the advice you gave me. Honestly, it's going to save me almost 30 hours per week!

Melissa Conley

I went into the evening not really knowing what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised with an evening filled with fun and new experiences. The evening was well planned and executed. Channon and his wife made a point of making sure each person was welcomed and  comfortable. It was a great evening!

Trish Edden

I would do it again! Thanks Channon for everything!

Krista Laughlin

The church is so fulled with people who are suffering in silence because of the guilt and shame around what they are struggling in because of the belief that just being a Christian should magically remove all addiction etc. And no one within the church is helping or guiding them. There needs to be a massive shift and you my friend have started this.

You're a legend. 

Dan Nicholson

Channon provides practical and actionable advice to crushing any addiction. So needed!

Jason Rogers

There is nothing better than someone who "gets it" but is also willing to be vulnerable to the max and positioning himself as an open door. You're a game changer man! Because of YOU, yes YOU lives will be impacted and mountains will be moved!

Angel Alvaredo

The event was very enjoyable! It was nice to meet and share with new people. The atmosphere was relaxing and positive. I left more relaxed than when I arrived!

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Cory Huddleston

Addiction is no joke. Way too many people are held prisoner by it and Channon's unique approach to crushing it is exactly what our world needs.


Love the second chance and your vulnerability is contagious!!!

Katie Young

Channon speaks against the traditional ideas surrounding addiction, which is needed in a landscape where a one-size-fits-all strategy keeps many people from fully recovering, which IS possible!

Glo Ochoa

Addiction isn't always drugs or alcohol and your advice to crush addiction is refreshing. Your advice is easy to follow and for real people.

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