what if a balloon and six weeks could change your entire life?

We all have those negative bumps on the road of life. Many of us have even tried what many say to do... groups, accountability partners, books, counseling, talking it out... but nothing ever seems to work?

Have you ever thought that was because all of those "colored inside the lines"?

What if there was "another" way?

What if I showed you in the most FUN way ever?!

What's stopping you from joining me for 6-weeks and taking an adventure like nothing you've ever experienced before?

☑️ Most groups and programs focus on what you don't want. We only focus on what you DO want.

☑️ How to fight for the long haul and NEVER return to your addictions, bad habits, or toxic cycles.

☑️ Replace those negative patterns with a NEW WAY!

☑️ Push shame and guilt to the wayside.

☑️ Quit fighting to keep your head above water

☑️ Crush the numbness and feel!

☑️ Permission to "color outside the lines" and live life the way you dream!


☑️ DO I HAVE TO SHARE? Nope! It's not like that :)


☑️ YOU WORK A LOT WITH PORN ADDICTION, DO I HAVE TO HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT? Not at all. This is for anything costing you results in a negative pattern and cycle type of way. It could be for spending too much time on social media, checking your emails, procrastination, feeling blah and numb all the time, etc.

☑️ HOW LONG IS IT? Mondays; March 2-April 6; Downtown Lakeland; 7pm-8pm (on the dot!) The room has to be cleared out by 8:15. Plus you are busy and I am too. 

☑️ I'M A MAN/I'M A WOMAN I'm glad you figured that out! This is co-ed. Gender is irrelevant to this.

☑️ HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? $25 for all six weeks. 

☑️ Any other questions please let me know :)

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