From crushing your addiction in 84 days or less to...

Crushing your "book" in 84 days or less

Working 5 years with people and addictions, I came to realize that many people have the same dream.

To write a book.

Because I preach that purpose trumps any addiction, many people tell me they want to crush their own addiction because it's blocking them from doing something they would love to do. Many of them feel they have this inner dream of wanting to write and release a book.

I know.

It feels and sounds impossible!

"What a hurdle to even think about!"

"I don't know how to do that!"

"I definitely don't have the time!"

"That will take me years!"

"I'm already overwhelmed!"

"I don't even know where to start!"

When it came time to release my 2nd book, The P Word, I knew I had to do it myself. 

Writing my own story about my porn addiction had to come from my heart and mind. 

11 days later I had it written.

It went through multiple edits, artwork uploads, and proof checks, but that was all done in less than 2 months and then hit #85 on Amazon. 

Shortly after, I released my 3rd book, Fiercely Devoted: A 28-Day Devotional for Men, Husbands & Fathers.

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